Ghana is Africa

Despite a surprisingly good hotel infrastructure, Ghana is still a developing country and poverty is a fact of life. This should be considered from time to time during the journey when not everything functions in a way that Europe might have led you to expect. But rest assured that you will be more than amply compensated by the wonderful nature and one of the most vibrant parts of Africa.


  Visas and vaccinations

A visa is required for both entering and leaving the country. It should be applied for as soon as your booking is confirmed. We will inform you of current entry requirements and visa costs. If you would prefer you could apply directly to the appropriate embassy, through a visa service or through our office*. Yellowfever vaccination is required. A shot against Hepatitis A+B and a malaria prophylactic is also recommended. All travellers should in any case be currently vaccinated against tetanus, polio and diphtheria. These vaccinations should be renewed every 10 years.


*You pay postage and visa costs.

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