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Ankobra Beach Hotel


The Ankobra Beach Hotel is situated on the West African Guinea Coast where the Ankobra river flows into the sea. The complex is built in the style of an African circular village.


At it's door lies a picture perfect palm beach. Situated in the quiet harmony of a varied natural landscape the hotel offers, besides all modern conveniences, a marvellously spiced tasty (vegetarian if desired) Euro - African cusine. Set in a still largely intact rural neighbourhood on easily the most beautiful beach in all of West Africa, this hotel is a true dream under the coconut palms.



Ankobra Beach is something special for the people who are seeking, besides relaxation, an encounter with African culture and the ordinary life of Ghana.


It is also for those with a special interest in the diverse tropical nature and bio-diversity of the African rainforest. The many excursions offered by the hotel ensure a holiday crammed with rich, unforgettable experiences and impressions. To cater for families and/or individuals various sizes of circular chalet can be rented. The 16 bungalows have all that the heart could desire. They are located in the shady middle of the palm forest with spacious living and sleeping rooms, all with an African ambiance. The large bathrooms are all equipped with showers and toilets and are well aired by ventillator fans.



Ankobra Beach Hotel tours
These excursions are offered by the hotel. Those wishing to take part should apply to the hotel managment.


1.          Half-day excursions.

           (a)        Stroll to Axim and visit the fort.

           (b)        Search for crocodiles in the lagoon near Egyambra


2.          Full-day excursions
Searching for traces of Kwame Nkrumah Nkroful. The birth place of Kwame Nkrumah lies only about half an hour away from Ankobra Beach. There one can hear interesting stories about Nkrumahs childbood. Nkrumah's mother lived in Ankobra, the neighbouring village to Ankobra Beach. On the way back it is well worth paying a visit. You will be greeted with a glass of gin and a celebration of African dance and music.


- Nzulezo - a stilt village near Beyin

    The trip to Beyin takes about 1 hour. From there we continue in one (or several) boats to a small river which gets wider and wider until it empties into a lake on which the stilt village of Nzulezo is located. After seeing the village we return to Beyin where we visit the castle. Before returning to Ankobra beach one should at least pay one's respect to the Beyin King.


- Trip on the Ankobra River

    After a short walk we reach the neighbouring village of Ankobra, from where the trip by dug-out on the Ankobra River to the land interior begins. There are opportunities for visiting the villages along the way.


- Looking back at German history

    Erected by the Brandenburgers, the Friedrichsburg castle can still be seen in Princess Town.


- Rainforest excursion

    In the south of Ghana, loacted near the Ankobra area, there still exists a single untouched 175 kmē stretch of rainforest. It lies between the small rivers Nini and Suhien and borders the 359 kmē larger secondary forest of Ankasa. Over 300 different plants per hectar grow here. Here too can still be found forest elephants, chimpanzees and nine types of primate as well as many different birdspecies in the park. The newly developed protected area of the Ankasa/Nini-Suhien rainforest lies about 2 hours from Ankobra Beach. The entrance fee goes towards it's maintenance.


prices in Euro per person


Ankobra Beach

7 nights in double  room

per day in double room

single- room  supplement

bed & breakfast

Bungalow cat.1




Bungalow cat.2




family - bungalow  (with 2 pers.)




full board

Bungalow cat.1




Bungalow cat.2




family - bungalow  (with 2 pers.)







1) transfers between Accra and Ankobra is  about 6 hours. Those transfers can be organised from the Ankobra Beach and are organised as a one-day excursion trip for 170 EURO return/ per bus. If you are with 2 persons  or more transfers will be split between the number of people travelling.


2) first nigt in Accra after arrival: Because of  the duration of transfer you have to stay for the first night after arrival in Accra.  Here you can choos e one of our partner - hotels of your choice from up to 48 Euro/per night/pp in a double room.


explantations bungalow categories

Bungalow cat.1

This bungalow  is  a big round- bungalow , equipped with ventilator, king-sized-beds, big bath room, WC, and moskito-nets over de bed.


Bungalow cat.2

This categorie is  a half-bungalow, with double roo. The rooms  are equipped with ventilator, 2 beds,  bath room, WC, and moskito-nets over de bed.


family bungalow

If you are with a familiy you can book those rooms. It can take as much as 4 persons. The bungalow  has 2 double- rooms with a common bath (shower, WC). One room is  equipped with a

climatisation. Each room is  very spacious and has 2 beds with moskito nets and ventilators.



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