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 H O T E L S   A T   T H E  A T L A N T I K

B i r i w a
Biriwa Beach Hotel

E l m i n a
Coconut Groove Beach Resort
Bridge House**

B u s u a
Busua Beach Resort



Axim Beach Hotel **

A n k o b r a
Ankobra Beach Hotel

 H O T E L S   I N  A C C R A


Labadi Beach Resort *****


Golden Tulip Hotel Accra ****



The Hotels selected for our vacation programme combine several things. Most importantly they have an ambiance typical of the country thus ensuring a close to nature experience far removed from the world of mass tourism. Then they offer various excursions and tours into their surrounding area.


We have also taken particular care to provide an extensive selection of sporting activities and possible excurisons so that the holiday maker may switch between relaxation and experiencing the country.

The location of the hotels has been particularly carefully chosen to allow the traveller to get to know the land through short or day long tours. Or if you want you can rent vehicles and explore at your own pace.


All recommended hotels are suitable for an extended stay after completion of the programme. You can find our price offers in the corresponding section of our brochure or on our internet site.




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