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Tours and trips through Ghana


Ghana offers within one country, nature, culture, relaxation and adventure.





The cross country tour of 12 days and 11 nights is an extraordinary Ghana experience. On this tour you get to know the Kakum National Park lying directly on the Guinea coast.

You step over the treetops of the tropical forest giants.

You experience the Kingdom of the Ashanti and the legendary European slavefort El Mina Castle.


You experience Ghana's wild tree lined beaches and exotic bays of Cape Coast. You picnic beside the waterfalls of Kintampo. You are awed by the huge natural expanse and the animal life of the 4848 Km² Mole National Park. The tour includes a trip over the volta reservoir in a passenger steamer with a typically African atmosphere. The journey takes 2 days. You are lulled to sleep by the tropical fragrances and fresh sea air.



On the Elmina- Tour you set out on an 8 day journey through slavery's past and it's remnants on the Guinea coast.


A highlight here is the Grossfriedrichsburg Fort in Princess Town stemming from the German-Brandenburg colonial past.


A boat trip on the Volta lake, excursions over the liana bridges of the primeval forest trees and a visit to the royal town of the Ashanti are among the other exciting elements of this one week journey.




On the Ankobra 16 day tour (8 days in Ghana and 7 in Ivory Coast) you will experience the green tropical forest reserves, the kingdom of the Ashanti, cocoa and pineapple planations, the legendary European slaveforts, the incomparable wild beaches of the Gulf of Guinea, the Tendo lagoon by Assinie and the mountains of the Nimba massif near Danané.


bathing holiday


You may even wish to add a bathing holiday to your trip. With this in mind we have sought out specialised hotels and resorts on the Atlantic coast.


These are ideal places for combining nature, beach and sporting activities. These hotels may be booked as part of the beach holiday package. They also offer an extensive range of excursions and local tours which alow you to explore Ghana off your own bat.


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2 selected tours

elmina tour

c r o s s  c o u n t r y   t o u r

12 Days and 11 nights

a tropical rainforest tour in Kakum National Park; safari in Mole National Park; touring the Volta lakes; slaveforts and waterfalls.

elmina tour

E l m I n a - T o u r

(8 days)

This tour leads you to the slave forts on the slave coast of the Gulf of Guinea, Kakum Park, to the Ashanti capital of Kusami, and to the Volta reservoir.

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