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Tour    Elmina (1 week)



Elmina Tour (1 week)

The Elmina Tour sets out on an 8 day journey through slavery's past and it's remnants on the Guinea coast. The highlight is the Grossfriedrichsburg fort in Princess-Town, a leftover from the German-Brandenburg colonial past. The Großfriedrichsburg fort belongs to the world cultural inheritance. The Brandenburg Princess Town One World Association, among others, is responsible for it's preservation.


This tour includes, alongside the cultural and historical legacy of West Africa, a boat trip on lake Volta, an expedition over liana rope bridges in the rain forest and a visit to the royal city of the Ashantis, Kumasi.


Day 1 (Mon): Germany - Accra - Biriwa
Evening arrival in Accra. You will be picked up from the airport and brought to Biriwa. Accomodation is at the comfortable and ambient Biriwa Beach hotel, beautifully situated on a rise. Practically every part of the hotel offers a wonderful view of the ocean.

Tag 2 (Tues): Kakum- Park und El Mina-Fort

In the afternoon the journey continues into the 630 km² Kakum Park. In this protected rain forest area live over 600 types of butterfly, 280 different bird types, 9 monkeys, 100 mammals, reptiles and amphibians. It is also home to the  threatened black and white colombus monkey, king antelope and forest elephant. Here you can stroll on a hanging bridge under the 70 m tall tree canopy of the forest giants and look out over the green tapestry of the rainforest. Later, led by an expert guide, we make a botanical tour of the undergrowth, looking for rare animals and plants. In the afternoon we visit Elmina castle. The El Mina castle was built in the year 1471 by the Portugese and was the centre of the world slave trade. It was from this place that most slaves were shipped to America and other parts of the world. It is the oldest European building in the tropics. Finally we drive back to our Hotel in Biriwa.

Day 3 (Wed):  Kumasi- Bosomtwe
Morning journey to Kumasi. The city is the capital of the
  Aschanti region und royal seat of the Aschanti kings, the richest and mightiest tribe in Ghana. You visit the King's palace, the museum and the market (West Africa's biggest), some woodcarving shops and a Kente weavery. Finally we have a midday meal at Lake Bosomtwe, whose wonderfully still water invites swimming. The lake was formed by a falling meteor about 1,3 million years ago. Later we return to Biriwa.


Day 4  (Thurs):   Biriwa -  St. Antony - Ankroba

From Biriwa the journey continues in the morning along the coast. Everywhere we see plantations, fishing villages and children. You visit the fort of St. Anthony of Axim, Ghana's second oldest castle. It was built in 1515 by the Portugese. The castle offers an excellent view of the offshore island of Boboewusi

In the castle itself one can examine the gloomy dungeons, castle defences and the grave of the Governor who died in tragic circumstances. So desperate was he to see his bride that he toppled from the castle wall in his excitement as her ship drew near.

In the afternoon you arrive at the Ankobra Beach resort. This romantic hotel is located on the most beautiful beach in the entire country and is a place for dreaming. The bungalows, built under palm trees and set apart from each other, are in the African style. We stay overnight and enjoy some typically Ghanaian cuisine.

Day 5 (Fri):  Princess Town - Grossfriedrichsburg and back to Ankroba

The Brandenburg, (later Prussian), fort on the Ghana coast in West Africa was erected by the great Prince Friedrich Wilhelm von Brandenburg (1640-1688). Once serving as a military and trading base for Brandenburg it now belongs to the world cultural inheritance.



As the shipping from Brandenburg dwindled, the castle was handed over to Nana Konneh, the local King. He traded with all nations, undercutting them where he could. Princess Town became the biggest smuggler's nest on the Gold Coast. In 1724 the Dutch were able to conquer the castle, but the trade was never to be so lucrative as in Konneh's time.



Day 6 (Sat):  Ankroba - Brenu - Biriwa

In the early morning we return to Biriwa. From El-Mina town we visit the beach of Brenu-Akyinim. This unknown coastal stretch has a fine 3 km long sandy beach fringed by coconut trees.



Near this lonely beach is a small fishing village. Here you can eat grilled freshly caught fish and take a refreshing bathe in the tumbling surf.




Day 7 (Sun) Volta reservoir - Boat tour

We depart at 5 am (with sandwiches and softdrinks) for Akosombo. On Lake Volta, the largest reservoir in the world, you sail on the MV Princess Dodi to the island of Dodi and back. An onboard band will entertain you. There is a restaurant with an extensive buffet for hungry guests. You watch the fishermen throwing out their nets and the woman doing their laundry on the riverbanks. On the return journey, if there is time, we stop briefly at the botanical garden of Aburi. Then on to the overnight halt at Accra.



Day 8 (Mon)

In the morning we tour the city of Accra. Heading for the vast "Arts-Market", we vist the woodcarving shops and pause to admire the Kente fabrics, brasswork and colourful baskets. Then on to the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum. Nkrumah was the first President after Ghana's independence in 1957. After the visit to the National Museum you can partake in some typical Ghanian food at the "Country Kitchen". Finally we drive to Kotoka International Airport where the journey ends.





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  • all transfers, excursions as  mentioned in the description
  • transport with vihicules  (without lclimatisation)  usually used in the country
  • 7 nights  in lodges and hotels with country standing
  • half-board during the trip
  • english speaking guide




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